Attorney Zeev Weiss


Member of the Chamber and the Board for over ten years.

Weiss, Porat & Co. is a law office that specialized in the areas of civil and commercial law.
The office has many years of experience with Japan, also with Officials and Israeli companies that try to break through the Japanese market and also Japanese companies that are active in Israel.


Attorney Shmuel Shnitzer

Chairman S. Shnitzer Diamonds Inc., Chairman IDI and Honorary President of Israel Diamond Exchange.

Attorney Shnitzer managed the Diamond Exchange industry in 1994. During that time, S. Shnitzer was the President of the Federation. He was also the Vice Chairman of the World Diamond Council. When he retired from his position as the President of the Federation, the WDC gave him the Award for Lifetime Achievement (DDC).


Schnitzer currently serves as a member of the Presidium of the General Council of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association. He is also Chairman of the board of the Diamond Museum named after Harry Oppenheimer and as the Israel Diamond Institute director. Mr. Shnitzer has held a senior position at the Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years.

Ms. Sophiya Berezansky

IJCC General Manager

Works in Israel Japan Chamber of commerce since 2015.

Master's and Bachelor's degrees in East Asian Studies from the University of Haifa.


Mr. Elchanan Harel

President of HIH, Harel-Hertz Investments House Ltd

Harel-Hertz Investments House Ltd (HIH) is a business development consulting company and investment boutique, specializes in setting up and promoting business activity between Japan and Israel. At HIH,we assist Japanese and non-Japanese parties in establishing and expanding market presence in Japan and Israel, and enable our clients bridge all cultural gaps. At HIH, we are proud of our profound knowledge in the Japanese culture and business etiquette, vast experience and a wide network of connections within Japan's leading business and financial firms and a proven record of achievements.

Specialties: Promoting business between Japan and Israel.
Fund raising for private placements
M & A Deals between Israel and Japan 

Dr. Roni Bornstein

CEO and President of Rakuto Kasei (Israel) Ltd.  

Honorary President of the Israel-Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Roni Bornstein is a businessman and entrepreneur active in the Japanese market for decades. He chaired The Israel-Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce from 1998 to 2006, and then again from 2009 to 2016. Bornstein was decorated with "The Order of the Rising Sun" awarded by the Emperor of Japan and Japan's Prime Minister. He further received a medal from the Foreign Ministry of Japan for his work in promoting and developing the relations between Israel and Japan. Nominated as the Ambassador of Good Will for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Bornstein is the importer of Kikkoman soy sauce and hundreds of other Japanese products through Rakuto Diplomat International. Additionally, he is a shareholder of Bio Dalia Microbiological Technologies located in Kibutz Dalia and a manufacturer of Biopesticides for agriculture and public health. Bio Dalia is a provider of large-scale fermentation services. In addition, he is a shareholder in Gramse Pharmaceuticals, an importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and food Supplements.

Mr. Miki Ron

Owner of Consulting and Management Technologies Company R.T.M Ltd

Miki joined the Chamber in 1991 when he was appointed the President and CEO of Delek Motors (Mazda importer). In the following years he served as a board member and then Chairman of the Association. He himself contributed tens of thousands of Shekels to the fellowship during a time in which the Association was in financial distress. Miki represented the Chamber in the Israeli organization of the Binational Chambers of Commerce. Upon retirement, Miki received the title "Honorary President of the Israel-Japan Association".

Prof. Ami Ben-Amotz

Chief Scientist in Nevet Company Ltd., Eilat, Israel, and Nikken Sohonsha, Gifu, Japan

The Activity of the companies: Growing seaweed in Israel and marketing of seaweed products in Japan and East Asia, products with high nutritional value and unique cosmetics.


Seniority in the chamber: 25 years

Mr. Dror Vered


Appointed director of the Eilat-Japan line in Zim company in the year 1960 and later, in the year 1963 was assigned as Vice President of Zim Japan, Tokyo. In 1965, moves the ZIM's management to Kobe, afterwards Mr. Vered came back to Israel in 1969, to be the manager of the shipping company(Kansai). In 1971 he became the president of Far East Zim, headquarters in Tokyo, and began managing the area of Hong Kong as he could see the development of China.


After returning to Israel in 1980, Vered retired to the private sector and developed trade and shipping to Japan, Hong Kong and China. Since 1993 Vered represents the largest shipping company "K -Line" and trading company Nissho Iwai / Sojitz until the year 2014. These days he continues to advise these companies and others.

Mr. Jacob Fass

Founder of Jacob Fass International LTD.

Jacob took part in the Israeli Ministry of Economy, served as the Economic appendix on behalf of the Ministry of Economy in Tokyo, Japan, Austria, and Holland.

Served as chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce Israel, currently serves as director of governmental public bodies and also in the private sector.

Jacob managed number of private sector organizations, and is the author of the book "How to do business in Japan".

Mr. Shalom Seidler

Chairman and Owner of Wissotzky Group

Largest tea company in Israel.

The company holds the largest market share and exports its products worldwide, including Japan.

Mr. Yoni Golan

Co-Founder & COO/CIO at Jakore, Inc.

We do hands-on support to make the Israel high-tech startup companies and it's philosophy and concept to expand to Japan and other parts of Asia. Our team members who've worked globally and in Japan and in Israel in the high-tech area in sales, marketing, legal, finance, and investment will support both Israel high-tech startup and Japanese companies to better create business relations between the 2 countries and beyond.

Ms. Vered Farber

Founder and CEO of The Asia Institute

Occupation: Specialized in business development and business ties with Asia and Japan, including related services to companies that work with Japan. Asia Institute is the largest Japanese school in Israel with more than 350 students per year

Seniority in the chamber: 15 years

Mr. David Heller

Managing Partner at Vertex Venture Capital

Active in the Asian markets since 1989. Resident in Japan for about 5 years. Graduated from Kyoto University in Japan. Speaks Japanese.

Worked as an intern in the law office Wakabayashi & Watanabe, Tokyo, Japan. During that time, he led transactions between Japanese corporations, and corporations from China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Upon his return to Israel, he managed, led and conducted the Israel International Fund (IIF) - the first Israeli investment fund versus investments from Japan.

David currently leads the overall activities of Vertex Asia.

CEO of The Japan Committee and Korea Committee of the High Tech Industry Association (HTIA) in Israel, Member in The China Committee of the HTIA.

Mr. Dan Arik

President and CEO of Yaskawa Europe Technology

Yaskawa Israel was established in 1997 and operates from Afek Park near Rosh HaAyin. Since 2001, it has served as a major development hub of the global company. In recent years, Iskawa has been investing in Israeli technology companies through a corporate venture capital fund that focuses mainly on the fields of artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotic rehabilitation and more.

Ms. Tal Frank


Chief of the Ambassador's Secretariat from 2003 to 2010. Holds a BA in East Asian studies and Japanese language, Tel Aviv University.

Studied Japanese in Hiroo Japanese Center, Tokyo

Japanese speaker.

Lived in Japan in the years 2001-2011.


Treasurer Chamber.



Tel: ּּּּּ972-544-300570


Attorney Gilad Majerowicz

Vice Chairman of IJCC, Head of Japan Practice, Herzog, Fox & Neeman (HFN) Law Offices

Herzog, Fox & Neeman (HFN) is a full services law firm and one of the largest in Israel with more than 350 legal professionals. The firm serves as a one-stop-shop for multinational companies doing business in Israel, including leading Japanese companies. Due to the growing interest by both Japanese and Israeli companies in increasing business collaborations, the firm established a special practice group dedicated to Israel-Japan transactions. Since then, the firm has assisted many clients from Japan in their investment and M&A activity in Israel, establishment of R&D centers and local offices in Israel, infrastructure projects, legal advice related to Israeli law on various matters, as well as litigation.

Mr. Izhak Nakar

Founder of Top Image System

Founded the Top Image Systems, NASDAQ:TISA, served as its Chairman of the Board and CEO from inception until his resignation on Oct 2001. 

TIS provides organizations around the world with the technology needed to automatically transform their incoming business content into useful, digital data that’s delivered directly into the applications that drive the business. The end result: helping companies achieve the highest rate of straight-through-processing possible.

Mr. Atsushi Mizuno

Investment Director of Mitsui & Co.

General Partner of Magenta Venture Partners

Atsushi Mizuno has over 10 years of experience in both investing in Israeli companies through Mitsui & Co. Ltd.’s venture capital arm and establishing business relations between Israeli startups and Japanese corporations.

He is also General Partner of Magenta Venture Partners, a venture capital firm focused on Israeli and Israeli-related early stage technology startups.

Ms. Tami Raviv

CEO at Globalconn Business Development

Based in Israel, Globalconn, established in 2002, is focused on building strategic connections between Israeli companies and foreign entities, with an expertise in the Japanese Market. Our focus is to create business opportunities as well as to bring investment from strategic investors, angels and pertinent financial groups for Israeli technologies.

Globalconn works with its Japanese partner, MTC – Mutli-Task Company, in full cooperation to carry out the business, being our ‘long arm’ in Japan. MTC’s staff are coming from the leading Japanese industry, expertising in the various fields of our operation.

Mr. Guy Lachmann

Senior Partner at Pearl Cohen

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz (Pearl Cohen) is an international law firm with offices in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Haifa and London. Representing innovation-driven companies and their investors, we serve clients around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

Ms. Neta Kalmanson

Partner at I.J DO Ltd.

"Falling in love with the magic of Japan, led me to explore this fascinating country in depth, including learning the language and culture and longstanding expertise in business culture in Japan, while representing Israeli companies and Japanese. The fact that I was lucky enough to win a scholarship for master's degree in economics (MONBUKAGAKUSHO, scholarship that is given annually by the Japanese Ministry of Education), and live almost two years in Osaka, wrapped my fate with Japan forever.

Since returning to Israel about twenty years ago, I introduced Israeli companies to the Japanese market, represented Japanese companies in Israel, and also Director of Desk Japan for Israeli companies, both as an employee and as an independent. In addition I deliver business seminars about business culture in Japan, host Japanese delegations and locate breakthrough technologies.

In the last two years I joined Dror Rotter and we are working together as part of a joint venture company. I'd be happy to share the vast experience I gained and pass my knowledge within the framework of the management of the Chamber."

Ms. Yifat Vered 

Japan-Israel Intercultural Business Problem Solving

Japan-Israel Troubleshooting and Business Expert since 2001. Lived & studied in Japan for 10 years.
Versatile experience in Bridging, Inter-culture Communication, Market Research, BizDev, Marketing, Sales, Business Troubleshooting and Negotiations. Have worked with numerous Israeli and Japanese companies.

Mr. Yaron Mishly

Founder of K.I.N Co.

You can refer to KIN-Japan organization's departments with 3 aspects:
* KIN-industry: IND 4.0 & Agri products- as this is our foundation
* KIN-TECH: M&As, VC, matching partners, investors, startups...roadshows, seminars, conferences - as this is our dreams and visions
* KIN-TOUR: boutique hotels, restaurant, bar, tour guide services etc.. - as this is our spirit & soul






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