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Mr. Yony Golan

Co-Founder & COO/CIO at Jakore, Inc.


Yony specializes in finance and marketing strategies, with a deep knowledge of the startup ecosystem, acting as a leader in creating bridges between Israeli startups and Japanese companies.

Yony lived in Japan for 3 years, where he learned about the Japanese language and culture, working as an English teacher.

Yony also worked with Japanese businessmen with their initiatives to go global and expand their operations.

Prior to living in Japan, Yony worked at as a testing manager (IPO in 2004 and was acquired by eBay in 2005).

Yony also held a position in Bank Leumi, where he was responsible for executing a variety of deals including: M&A, Venture Capital, and Growth Equity.

In 2015, he joined Samurai Incubate, creating and leading the Israel business platform, where he successfully invested in 30 Israeli companies, building many programs such as POC and a Hackathon for Japanese companies.


Mr. Gabi Klein

CEO at Zahavi Atzmon


Gabriel Klein, born in 1964, has an academic education in the field of economics and management.

Serves as CEO of Toto Israel and CEO of Zahavi Atzmon of the Ashstrom Group.

In the past he founded the company Via Arkadia in Israel and the company Global M&S in the USA.


Has extensive experience in managing complex companies under the regulation of public companies.

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