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The Israel-Japan Friendship Society invites you to enjoy, learn, and become a part of a Japanese experience in Israel!

IJFS was established in 1956, four years after the foundation of Israel and Japan diplomatic relations, out of agenda calling to bring Japanese culture lovers in Israel and the Japanese experience closer.

IJFS is operating as part of a non-profit organization, which includes Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce and works as a unified body under the name The Israel-Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce.

Joining IJFS is bounded in membership fee, and open to all who are interested in Japan and its culture.

Members of IJFS includes artists, scholars and citizens affiliated with Japanese culture.

As members of IJFS you will be granted with preferred and quick information, as well as benefits and discounts, regarding and in use of our various events and opportunities. Such as:

  • Movies screening

  • Japanese workshops

  • Art exhibitions

  • Various lectures

  • Japanese festival

  • Theater and dance shows

Moreover, IJFS membership will allow you to:

  • Maintain a frequent connection with others who are interested in Japanese culture

  • Receive fluent information regarding Japan-affiliated events

  • Stay up-to-date with Japanese culture, economics, and leisure fields through our IJFS Newsletter

  • Receive benefits and discounts while participating in IJFS events throughout the year

We encourage an active participation in IJFS and invite each and every one of you to participate in IJFS activities, whether in volunteering positions as well as initiating and implementing entrepreneurial objectives.

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