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Mr. Arie Kutz

The Israel-Japan Friendship Society main objective is to bring Japanese culture to the Israeli audience.

IJFS members are holding various relations to Japan; for some, Japanese culture is part of their daily business routine. For others, affiliations and connections to Japan are held through personal interests, whether experienced or yet to experience Japan itself. Our shared work facilitating and promoting Japanese culture in Israel contributes our members, as well as others interested in cultural engagement.

We call whoever finds himself or herself aquivalent with our categories to join us and cooperate to promote cultural friendship. 


Ms. Moran Fogel

General Manager of the the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Friendship Society, as of March, 2023.

An experienced accountant with 5 years of experience in BIG 4/ Banking industry. Later on, was also involved in production including project management, budget etc. 

in 2014, Moran relocated with her family to Japan and had been living there for 8 years. While in Japan, she volunteered as a treasurer for a non-profit organization, contributed as a writer for a well-established magazine and eventually in 2018 founded her own travel company in order to share her passion for Japanese culture with Israeli travelers and has worked in the Japan-oriented tourism industry since then. 


Ms. Miri Golan

Founder and manager of The Origami Center in Israel.
Founder of "Folding Together" organization which promote transcultural relations through Origami and Japanese culture.
Creator of "Origametry", an educational program for kids combining origami and Geometry studies.


Dr. Yona Siderer


Prof. Eli Gimmon

IJFS member for 30 years, and an enthusiastic fan of Japanese culture.
Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy professor.


Ms. Shira Prion


Ms. Neomi azar Nakashima


Ms. Tomoko Nakamura

From IJFS founders who served as chairman for many years.
Japan studies professor at "Technion" Israel Institute of Technology.


Ms. Junko Otmazgin



Ms. Iris Smara


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