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The Israel Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1956, The Israel-Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of promoting cultural and commercial connections between Israel and Japan.

Commercially, the organization works towards developing and nurturing Israel-Japan financial and economic ties, as well as creating a platform for businesses from both countries.

Culturally the organization encourages and nurtures cultural, artistic and social ties between Israeli and Japanese institutions and persons.


The organization is made up of two bodies: 


1. The Chamber of Commerce (IJCC)

2. The Friendship Society (IJFS)



The Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce

(IJCC) has been operating for many years, working to develop commercial ties with Japan and create a platform for businesses from both countries. 


The chamber promotes bilateral economic and financial relations, intended for companies and businesses working in Japan,  with Japan or interested in establishing commercial relations with Japan. 


The Chamber of Commerce operates in collaboration with many other commercial bodies including: the Embassy of Japan in Israel, the Embassy of Israel in Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the Export Institute, JETRO Israel, the Chamber of Commerce Association, social organizations, commercial bodies, etc. 


Our activities and services are wide and varied:

  • Cultural exchange and business seminars and events

  • Lectures and social events throughout the year

  • Information Provision

  • Assistance in formation of partnerships between Japanese and Israeli Governmental and private Entities

  • Consultation to economic organizations with their partners in Japan as well as promotion of cooperation

  • Assistance in developing ties and creating delegations, and much more!


The Israel Japan Friendship Society

(IJFS) strives to spread Japanese

culture in Israel, intended for the private sector.


A registered non-profit association with the purpose of encouraging the study of Japan and its

culture among Israel residents. 


Here are just some of the many benefits you will receive as a member of

the Friendship Society:

  • Priority in reservation of attendance in the Japanese Embassy & Friendship Society's "Shishagrirut" monthly lectures.

  • Invitations to exclusive events organized by the Society all around Israel: lectures, Japanese national holiday festivals, seminars on Japanese Calligraphy, Ikebana, Art, Traditional Music, Martial Arts, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Gardens and design, etc…

  • The opportunity to make acquaintance with other like-minded members and enjoy the benefits of mutual assistance and information exchange. 

  • Monthly updates on current events in Japan.

  • Regular events, assemblies, and lectures on topics of Japanese culture.

  • Participation in the management activities, committees and organization of teams on various different events. 

  • The right to vote and run for offices in the Society institutions for those interested and willing to devote of their energy, time and talent.




The Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Friendship Society is

Israel's leading organization for Japan-related matters!


For any inquiries, email us at:

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