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Our activities and services are wide and varied: we hold business and cultural events, provide information, consultation and advice, help develop ties and collaborations, and much more!
Today, the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce is Israel's leading organization for Japan-related matters.
Our vision is for the Chamber of Commerce to be a prominent, leading and influential organization which will operate on our members' behalf to promote and develop commercial, financial and cultural ties between Israel and Japan.


  • Join and incorporate all the various entities operating in our fields in Israel.

  • Initiate, promote and nurture cultural, financial and economic relations between Israel and Japan.

  • Help Israeli businesses break into the Japanese market and find business partners in Japan (and the other way around).

  • Provide vital up-to-date information to manufacturers, exporters, importers and people involved in commercial, economic and cultural activity in Japan.

  • Promote the study and understanding of Japanese culture in Israel, and hold various events on matters of Japanese culture.

  • Encourage and support government initiatives for the promotion and facilitation of mutual commerce.

The Chamber operates in collaboration with all other related Israeli based organizations including: the Embassy of Japan in Israel, the Embassy of Israel in Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Export Institute, JETRO Israel, the Federation of chamber of commerce, The innovation Authority and with all the parallel Japanese organizations such as METI, Keidanren, Keizai Duyokai, JANE. The Chamber is a prominent member of Japan Israel Innovation network (JIIN). The Chamber holds business and cultural events, hosts and dispatch business delegations, provide information, consultation and advice to its members and help develop ties and collaborations.

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