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The Israel-Japan Friendship Society was established four years after the foundation of the countries' diplomatic relations, in 1956.
Among the founders and first chairmen o were Mr. Bejerano Moshe, a businessman and a diplomat, and Mr. Mosberg K.

In addition, Mr. Salomon Ram, a lawyer, who composed the Friendship Society's statute.

Over the years, along with the two countries cultural ties expansion and commerce relations development, the Friendship Society's statute was adjusted correspondingly to facilitate new needs, and the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce was established.

The Israel-Japan Friendship Society operates as part of The Israel-Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce, and is a registered non-profit organization holding objectives of encouraging knowledge regarding Japan's cultural facets among Israelis.

Membership in Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce is appointed mainly towards business affiliated and entrepreneurial companies and officials who engage or wish to engage in commerce relations with Japan.

On the other hand, membership in The Israel-Japan Friendship Society is open to all holding an interest in Japan and its culture. Among the members who are interested in various subjects of Japanese culture  are artists, scholars, and Israeli citizens.

The Friendship Society is operating in various fields:

  • Promoting scholarly engagement and general comprehension of Japanese culture in Israel

  • Developing social and cultural ties between Israeli and Japanese nations

  • Hosting Japanese culture affiliated events, such as movies, lectures, exhibitions and workshops

  • Preserving and promoting communication with cultural institutions in Japan

  • Introducing Japanese and Israeli scholars, artists and other interest holders

  • Producing open-public Japan affiliated lectures in collaboration with The Japan Embassy in Israel ("Shishagrirut" - Friday at the embassy).

  • Facilitating and maintaining a Hebrew website used as assistance to Japan studies 

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