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Attorney Zeev Weiss

Member of the Chamber and the Board for over ten years.

Weiss, Porat & Co. is a law office that specialized in the areas of civil and commercial law.
The office has many years of experience with Japan, also with Officials and Israeli companies that try to break through the Japanese market and also Japanese companies that are active in Israel.

Mr. Weiss himself has many years of experience with Japan and Japanese companies. Weiss, Porat & Co. Law Offices in Japan represent Israeli companies in Japan, including Hi-Tech companies, and dealing with their distribution agreements and licensing agreements in Japan, assisting Israeli companies that acquired Japanese companies in M&A deals, help to establish companies in Japan and place local administrator, advisory and bridging between the Japanese law, the Israeli law, and the International law in the International transaction, corporate law, Tech transfer agreements, and Investment Agreements. The law office also officiates a variety of companies and individuals at the time of entry to the Japanese market.


The law office represents Japanese corporations that are active in Israel, including Japanese trading companies, financial institutions that have invested in Israel, Japanese investors in Israeli high-tech companies, Pharma companies, and Medical equipment, also Japanese government agencies.

Attorney Weiss has experience in the representation of parties at courts, also in Japan, and representation of parties at international Arbitration.


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