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Gilad Majerowicz

Chairman of Israel Japan Chamber of Commerce and Friendship Society

In the private practice, Gilad is a senior partner at Herzog, Fox & Neeman, one of Israel's largest law firms, and Head of the Japan Practice.


Gilad has more than 25 years of experience representing clients from all over the world in various matters related to their business activity in Israel and abroad, particularly in connection with technology-related matters. He is a Recommended Lawyer by Legal500 in the area of Hi-Tech and Startups.

Arie Kutz vice-chairman of Israel-Japan Friendship Society

Arie Kutz

Vice-chairman of Israel Japan Friendship Society

The Israel-Japan Friendship Society's main objective is to bring the Japanese culture to the Israeli audience.

IJFS members have various relations with Japan; for some, Japanese culture is part of their daily business routine. For others, affiliations and connections to Japan are held through personal interests, whether they have experienced or have yet to experience Japan itself. Our shared work facilitating and promoting Japanese culture in Israel is contributing to our members, as well as others interested in cultural engagement.


Moran Fogel

General Manager

The Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit
organization that works to establish and advance commercial,
economical, and cultural relationships between the two nations. 

The Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in Israel, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Ministry of Finance, The Export Institute, The Manufacturers' Association of Israel, The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, strives to become the platform on which companies and businessmen from Israel and Japan may have a successful interactions. It is my hope that in the future, the relationship between Israel and Japan will continue to grow and become stronger then ever before on every aspect.


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