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SivanS, Ltd

Area of Expertise: Marketing strategy, Public Relations,Creative

Location:HQ - Tokyo Tatemono Aoyama Building 3F Kitaaoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Tel Aviv Office: Ahad Ha’am 28, Tel Aviv TEL: +972-3-730-8014

TEL / FAX +81-3-6812-9495 / +81-3-6812-9498

Service Summary

SivanS provides comprehensive solution plans, repeatedly verified to best fit your business.We are proud of our appropriate and unique suggestions based on our experience in strategic branding, creative planning, media contents, advertising, promotion, event planning, digital strategy and execution, sales promotion.

What make us different?

It’s our communication and creative heart and mind,

our engagement with each client to become a true partner,

to deliver strategy that is uniquely outside the box.

NWOTAC - New Ways of Thinking and Communicating

We break the rules of traditional advertising agencies,

without being locked into paradigms.

Instead we stay open minded and nimble to adapt and change to the needs of the market.

We are a group of diverse, international mixed cultures,

with a passion for creativity and finding solutions that bring real value and ROI to our clients.

Be different with us

SivanS and SivanS Digital provide a hub that seamlessly bridges O to O communication.

We believe in a 360 approach with flexibility that allows our clients to see each step in the process,

from research to end user sales and service.

An A-Z plan from Marketing strategy, Public Relations,

Creative, Digital, Branding, Event Planning, Media Planning & Buying that leaves our clients feeling confident.

All our works are proudly “Made in SivanS” and we let the results speak for themselves.

Founded:July 7th in 2011 President:Sivan Nakamura Employees:70

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