Area of Expertise: Air Quality Data

Company Overview:

BreezoMeter is a big-data-driven company that offers real-time, location-based outdoor air quality data via API for businesses and municipalities. Our mission is to help cities and businesses improve the health and quality of life for millions of people worldwide, by providing the most accurate air quality data in a format as simple, intuitive, and actionable as weather data.

Using multiple data layers including governmental monitoring stations, air dispersion models, satellite data, weather data and traffic conditions, combined with computational models, machine learning and proprietary spatial interpolation algorithms, BreezoMeter shows with high accuracy what is in the air you breathe, and can provide actionable health recommendations per population segment. Armed with this information, businesses can help their customers reduce exposure to harmful air pollutants. Today, millions of people make informed decisions on well-being using our air quality data and our company services. We aim to reach more than 6 billion people (85% of the world’s population) who live in areas where WHO air quality guidelines are exceeded.

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