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Ms. Neta Kalmanson

Neta Kalmanson

Partner at I.J DO Ltd. "Falling in love with the magic of Japan, led me to explore this fascinating country in depth, including learning the language and culture and longstanding expertise in business culture in Japan, while representing Israeli companies and Japanese. The fact that I was lucky enough to win a scholarship for master's degree in economics (MONBUKAGAKUSHO, scholarship that is given annually by the Japanese Ministry of Education), and live almost two years in Osaka, wrapped my fate with Japan forever.

Since returning to Israel about twenty years ago, I introduced Israeli companies to the Japanese market, represented Japanese companies in Israel, and also Director of Desk Japan for Israeli companies, both as an employee and as an independent. In addition I deliver business seminars about business culture in Japan, host Japanese delegations and locate breakthrough technologies.

In the last two years I joined Dror Rotter and we are working together as part of a joint venture company. I'd be happy to share the vast experience I gained and pass my knowledge within the framework of the management of the Chamber."

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