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EL AL Announces Direct Flights Between Tel Aviv and Tokyo

After years of efforts by the Israel Japan chamber of commerce and friendship society El Al will start direct non stop flights between Tokyo and Tel Aviv. In the last two years the chairman of the chamber Ad. Zeev Weiss met with most of the Japanese and Israeli Government officials and NGO's which has a "say", convinced them of the importance of such direct flights and raised the message in every event. Efforts led by Yaffa Ben Ari our Ambassador in Japan and Noa Asher our commercial attache in Japan together with the business community and all business delegations from Japan and Israel that were recruited to support such an initiative and lobby it back home turned finally fruitful. Meetings that were coordinated by the chamber between top management of El Al and the Japanese airlines helped the parties to realize the potential. Thank you El A for picking up the glove Adv. Zeev Weiss Chairman Israel Japan chamber f commerce and friendship association

EL AL Official Press Release:

Nonstop to the Land of the Rising Sun: EL AL Will Be the First Airline to Offer Nonstop Scheduled Flights from Tel Aviv to Tokyo

Operations will begin in March 2020, with three weekly flights on EL AL’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Nonstop flight duration to Tokyo: about 11 ¼ hours.

The demand for flights to Japan as a business and leisure destination has increased significantly in recent years. Some 40,000 Israelis visited Japan in 2018 and 20,000 Japanese traveled to Israel. Launching the Tokyo route is part of EL AL’s strategy to expand its destination network, made possible by its fleet renewal program, to meet the demand for incoming and outgoing tourism.

Recently new routes were launched to San Francisco, Nice and Manchester and nonstop flights to Las Vegas, Orlando (during the summer) and Chicago will soon be added to the EL AL network.

EL AL Vice President Commercial and Industry Affairs Michael Strassburger: “Japan has become one of the most in-demand destinations in the world, and now Israelis will also be able to visit, with a convenient nonstop flight on new Dreamliner aircraft. Over the past two years, we have received many requests from our customers for nonstop flights to Japan. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, some 40,000 Israelis visited Japan in 2018 and 20,000 Japanese entered Israel. Traffic has grown rapidly in recent years and we are certain that the nonstop route between the two countries will further increase traffic and significantly strengthen economic and political ties between Israel and Japan.” Strassburger adds: “The nonstop flights to Japan follow a series of other new nonstop routes recently launched by EL AL, including San Francisco, and soon Las Vegas and Chicago. This reflects a major expansion of options for travel between the countries, offering nonstop flights for business and leisure


EL AL is pleased to announce the launch of nonstop flights between Israel and Tokyo. This is the first time that scheduled nonstop flights will operate between Japan and Israel. The route will begin operations in March 2020 with three weekly flights on EL AL’s advanced Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Sales of tickets for this route will begin within a short time. The addition of a nonstop route to Japan is part of EL AL’s strategy to expand its destination network to accommodate the growing demand for flights from/to Tel Aviv. By 2020 EL AL’s fleet will include about 45 aircraft, of which 16 will be new Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

The duration of the flight from Tel Aviv to Tokyo will be 11 ¼ hours and the return flight, 12 ½ hours. Today, Israelis need two flights to reach Japan, usually requiring almost 24 hours of travel to complete the journey.

* The company reserves the right to make changes.

About EL AL

EL AL Airlines, Israel's national carrier, was established in 1948 and offers more nonstop flights than any other airline to/from Israel. EL AL currently flies to 36 destinations from Israel and serves hundreds of other cities throughout the world via codeshare and interline partnerships with many other carriers. EL AL offers a full Boeing fleet and began its renewal in September 2017 with the arrival of the first of sixteen 787 Dreamliner aircraft. In 2018, EL AL flew over 5.6 million passengers.

EL AL embodies Israel’s values of innovation and caring, and is known for its genuine Israeli hospitality.


From right to left:

Daniel Stapleton- Director International Affairs Michael Strassburger- VP Commercial and Industry Affairs Rachel Skuratovsky - General Manager for HKG Yoav Weiss - Managing Director for Asia & Oceania

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